About Us

American Fine Arts specializes in original American oil and watercolor paintings by renowned 19th and 20th Century American artists. Our collection features recognized American artists from across the country, with an emphasis on the talented group of California artists painting between 1870 and 1980. Please enjoy our exclusive gallery of museum quality art by Joseph Kleitsch, John Frost, Helena Dunlap, Matteo Sandona, Jessie Arms Botke, and many more. If you are interested in Modernist, or Regionalist art, please view paintings by Meta and Bert Cressey, Henrietta Shore, Helena Dunlap, Frank Gavencky, and others.

Our Gallery was established in Fallbrook, CA, in 1991. We converted a beautiful hilltop home surrounded by rare plants and trees into a private American art gallery. Our collectors can view art and sculpture in a peaceful home environment. The cozy setting of the gallery gives our clients a better idea of how the artwork might enhance their own homes or offices.

Our collection is available by appointment only, one appointment per day. You will receive our undivided attention and unlimited time.

During your visit we hope to show you our other fine art gallery, California Watercolor, which features artists of the California Style. This gallery features over 2500 paintings by Millard Sheets, Barse Miller, Phil Dike, Rex Brandt, Emil Kosa Jr., Dong Kingman, and hundreds more California artists.