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Ivan Olinsky (1878 - 1962) Ivan Gregorewitch Olinsky was born in 1878 in Elizabethgrad, Southern Russia and moved to New York in 1890 with his parents.  As a young man in New York, Olinsky studied at the National Academy of Design and also at Art Students League, eventually teaching at both schools. After his studies in New York, Olinsky moved to Europe for a few years (1908-1911) where he worked on his art in both Italy and France. Following his stint in Europe, Olinsky returned to the New York, this time with a family of his own, and quickly established a studio in Greenwich Village.

Olinsky received much acclaim during his lifetime for his painting.  He was the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Carnegie Prize from the National Academy of Design in 1929.  Ivan Olinsky is best known for his portraits of beautiful women and interior scenes.  Typical of Olinsky’s style are his strong palette use of vivid colors and the soft approach and detailed modeling of his figures, wherein he uses soft Impressionistic brush strokes to render the details of his works.  Olinsky was greatly influenced by the French Impressionist artists during his time in Europe, and as a result, he is now recognized as a master American Impressionist.


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